Miscellaneous Accessories

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Miscellaneous Accessories

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MJ1K2AM/A USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter $89.00
MA128G/BApple Remote - Compatible with Apple products introduced in 2005 or later that have a built-in Infrared (IR)
MJ1L2AM/AUSB-C VGA Multiport Adapter$89.00


MA034Z/AApple External V.92 Modem$69.00
MC377AM/AApple Remote - Aluminum$69.00

Video Adpaters

M8639G/AApple VGA Display Adapter$39.00
M9109G/AVideo Adapter$39.00
M9267G/ADVI to Video Adapter$39.00
M8434G/AApple AV Cable Compatible only with iBooks containing an A/V port$39.00
M9319G/AMini DVI to Video Adapter$39.00
M9320G/AMini DVI to VGA Adapter$39.00
M9321G/BMini DVI to DVI Adapter$39.00
M8661LL/BDVI-I to ADC Display Adapter. For use with new 12", 15" or 17" PowerBooks introduced in Sep2003.$129.00
M8754G/AExtra DVI-I to VGA Display Adapter$39.00

Portable Rechargeable Batteries

MA348LL/AMac Book Pro15" Rechargeable Battery$169.00
MA458LL/AMac Book Pro 17" Rechargeable Battery$169.00
MB771LL/AMacBook 13" Aluminium Rechargeable Battery$169.00
MA561LL/AMac Book 13"(White) Rechargeable Battery$169.00
Mac Book 13"(Black) Rechargeable Battery$169.00
M9326G/APowerBook G4 17" Rechargeable Battery. Compatible with all 17" PowerBooks G4 $169.00
M9326G/APowerBook G4 15" Rechargeable Battery. Compatible with all 15" Aluminum PowerBook G4 $169.00
M9756G/APowerBook G4 12" Rechargeable Battery (50 watt/hr)$169.00
M9572G/AiBook 12" Rechargeable Battery (50 watt/hr)$169.00
M9337G/AiBook 14" Rechargeable Battery (61 watt/hr)$169.00
M9338G/AiBook 14" Rechargeable Battery (61 watt/hr)$169.00

Power Adapters

M8943LL/AApple Portable Power Adapter - 65W. For Titanium or Aluminum PowerBook G4 & iBook $105.00
MA538LL/BPortable Power Adapter 60 Watts Magsafe for any Mac Book 13"$105.00
MA938Z/AApple Portable Power Adapter 85Wats for Mac Book Pro $105.00
MB283LL/AApple 45 Watts MagSafe Power Adapter for Mac Book Air $105.00
MA407LL/AMac Mini 110 Watts Power Adapter$105.00